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Jeff Klimkowski
Co-Founder @ DUDE Products

"This is the perfect coffee substitute! I love that it's a nice long mellow buzz throughout the day vs coffee, which after the initial caffeine shock leaves me feening for more coffee throughout the day."

Phoebe Holman
Analyst @ Goldman Sachs

"Even without sweetener, ACTA is hands down the best-tasting matcha I've tried. I have definitely experiemented in the matcha market, but never noticed a difference in my energy / productivity until I drank ACTA."

Matt Rotundo
Investor @ The Carlyle Group

"I've always been a huge coffee guy. I've started my day with a cup of coffee for as long as I can remember. After trying ACTA once, I've all but retired my coffee machine. The energy and clarity I get from one cup has me in the zone all day."

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